Organizing Committee


Prof. Dr. Nadia E. Nedzel

United States of America

Professor of Law, J.D., LL.M. Emeritus

Southern. U. Law Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

GCGI Co-Chairs

Prof. Dr. Samuel O. Idowu

Great Britain

President of the GCGI, Professor,

London Metropolitan University

Prof. Dr. René Schmidpeter


Co-Founder M3TRIX, Professor

IUBH Internationale Hochschule

Prof. Dr. Belén Díaz Díaz


Associate Professor of Financial Economics

University of Cantabria and SANFI

Prof. Dr. Irene Guia Arraiano


Prof. of Financial Economics and Accounting

Lisbon Accounting and Business School

Prof. Dr. Nicholas Capaldi

United States of America

CEO GCGI, Professor Emeritus

Loyola College of Business, New Orleans, La.

SULC Members/Co-Chairs

Prof. Marla Dickerson

United States of America


Associate Vice Chancellor of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships

Prof. Jasmin Hunter

United States of America


External Affairs

Prof. Angela Gaines

United States of America


Facilities & Maintenance

Prof. Lata Johnson

United States of America

Associate Vice Chancellor and Deputy CIO

Of Counsel

Prof. Ada Goodly

United States of America


SULC Director of Louis A. Berry Institute of Civil Rights & Justice

Assistant to Professor Nedzel

Eryn Wells

United States of America

SULC Class of 2023 (J.D. forthcoming)